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Thread: Can you find the new items?

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Oooooh, purty.

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    I notice the box for the suji says 'A-type.' Any significance to that?

    And it's unrelated, but can you say what steel their 'hagane' gyutos are made from?

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    huh? where do you see the a-type?

    As for the hagane ones, they also like to keep that secret. Sorry.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mo. V A-type 270mm

    How tall is that bad boy at the heel?
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    i'll measure tomorrow

    the a-type in this case refers to the grind style we chose... they have 2 main options and i tend to like this one better... all of our yoshihiro stainless wa-gyutos are this style

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