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Thread: Does Anyone Else Experience This with Dave's Boards?

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    i have a cooked meat board and a veg. / fruit board butstill use plastic type board for raw meats

    ilove my boardsmith boards way to much to let them be idle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotary View Post
    It's so gorgeous that I hate to cut on it.

    My wife complains that I hardly ever use it. The "Honey, I need to condition it just a little more before I really start using it" excuse is starting to wear thin.

    I got one for my mother back east last summer, and while she won't admit it, my brother reports that she treats it as a show piece and hasn't once cut on it.

    Dave . . . you need to ugly-up your boards a little!
    I admit that I had similar feelings when I first got the boards, but now, both my walnut and my cherry with walnut border are used as much as possible (I don't use them for raw meats). They are both doing great. I suppose it's a little like getting that first scratch on a new car

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    I currently have three different sizes of BoardSmiths. I have a med sized one made of mahogany that I can't seem to do anything with except look at it and rub it, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahimlee54 View Post
    You guys are using wooden boards for raw proteins?
    You know it. Just like when I was a kid, and just like everyone for thousands of years. I clean it after use, keep it oiled and dry, and if it retains a smell, cover it in salt overnight. I also cut proteins last.

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