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Thread: Record Tuna $736,000

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    Record Tuna $736,000

    That is some expensive tuna. The video shows them trying to break it down.

    Big Tuna Video.

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    Poor fish. What'd he ever do to anyone?

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    should have had a proper dresed up tuna sword if i saw so my self

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    I'd eat that!
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    The fish was purchased it out of respect for the country of japan. Cool thing is that the guy who bought it is serving it at his normal sushi price in recognition of what the people have gone through over the last year and wanted to make sure that it stayed in country. Now I'm craving sushi

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    its still just a piece of meat.
    But the economy aint that bad over there

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    Damn, now I really need to get some sushi.

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    I was told by my old boss that the crazy expensive tuna is a New Year good luck thing. You want to be the guy with enough money to buy the first huge tuna of the year. Plus you get your face(ad restaurant) on television.

    I love Bluefin--both as fish and food. So I only eat yellowfin, out of consideration for their former aspect. They really are unlike any other fish, and deserve a break from our voracious mouths.

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    Gotta love it!!!! and I do!!!!!!

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    Just a crazy price to pay for a fish.

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