Hi from Switzerland
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Thread: Hi from Switzerland

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    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi everyone

    I just registered after lurking a bit. Seems a friendly place.

    I'm a amateur chef, love french and asian cuisine, good wines and having fun with friend around a well set table. So far I've used several Solingen knives, Burgvogel (not so famous brand, I guess). I like them and always kept them pretty sharp but alway knew there was a whole different world out there (east, I mean )

    My interest in kitchen knives is renewed after buying myself a shirogami gyuto. For this purchase I studied websites and reviews for some days but I realize there's years of learning ahead.

    I also got myself some sharpening stones and started sharpening today. My knife's blade is already lightly chipped, so after trying on a cheap damast knife I tried to sharpen the new gyuto. My tests have been rather satsfying so far though I'm sure it can get a lot better.

    Anyway, prepare to answer some dumb questions! :lol:

    Have a good day, all.


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    Hello Switzerland ... and welcome

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    Welcome Valerian. Think you're the first Swiss person here

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    -"we're gonna make gluten free lasagna"

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    Welcome to the Knut house!
    Spike C
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    Welcome Val. I traveled through Switzerland briefly while in college. Beautiful country.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post
    Think you're the first Swiss person here
    It would be interesting to see a world map displaying the location of members as tiny colored dots...

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    That is a great little story. Good to hear of someone who isn't afraid to take the first steps and put their good knives on a good stone.

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    Welcome to the forum, Val!

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    Welcome. Are you from the French, German or Italian area?

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    Thanks for the friendly welcome, guys! This is a great place, tons of knowledge. My head spins!

    I can't believe I'm the first Swiss here! Really?

    K, I'm from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Up north, to be precise.

    Cheers, Val.

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