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Thread: Bad movies!

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    Bad movies!

    Well, I got asstime to burn, so been flipping through the old DVD's finding some cinamatic wonders to help eat time. Some good, some are fun, others well, you all know about the others. Yesterday, I watched Transformers 3, and Taken. Both good movies if you watch them as entertainment only. Today I watched Constantine, with Keanu Reeves, the dude can't act! Same skills he had back in the "Bill and Teds" era. That aside, I still found my self enjoying the show. Gotta love the meds!

    What movies do you guys gravitate towards when its just you and the screen?

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    I thought Taken was a masterpiece of suspense--for pushing the boundaries of what is within believable reason. Liam Neeson is a top notch actor.

    I like Constantine for it's potential, and what they chose to do differently from the comic(which is dark, immature, excessive). But it was a failure at being cool.

    When I'm sick it makes me want to watch thoughtful science fiction and standup. Last time I watched Louis C.K. and I slobbered and fell off the couch.

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    Rachael Weisz in a wet t-shirt will always compensate for the Tin Man's acting or lack thereof. Taken is good solid guy entertainment.

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    Last time I watched Louis C.K. and I slobbered and fell off the couch."
    i just watched one of his live shows from N.Y. Sooo funny,he's one hilarious dude..Another one of my favorite comedians is Ricky Gervais,anything he does is hilarious.

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    I should temper the original statement by saying I am saving the worst for last, these were good, Taken was fantastic! Liam Neeson at his best. Oh yeah, watched Clash of the Titans as well!

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    Some of the old Schwarzenegger movies - the Terminator series; Predator; Commando; The Running Man; True Lies; Total Recall.

    Lord of the Rings.

    Our boy Keanu in The Matrix or in Speed.

    Serenity (stars Nathan Fillion, a hometown boy from Edmonton).

    Iron Man. X-Men. Spiderman. Fantastic Four.
    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

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    +1 on Taken

    Anything from Hong Kong.


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    Serenity is on the short list, as is The Last Samurai, The Matrix trilogy, and the Underworld movies. Love Kate in the black latex!

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    Like Rick I also love old Schwarzenegger movies. I also love some of Stallone's old ones, Cobra in particular is a classic cheesy 80s film. I dunno why but I love the old 80s cheesy action films. I think it's because they have a certain integrity about them. They aren't trying to be something they're not. I also love the original Miami Vice tv series, but it isn't really cheesy, when I have some time on my hands I always go through it all on dvd

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    Oh Yeah! I got Daves guide to sharpening videos to watch to!!

    Hey Dave! You need a little knife sharpening smiley!

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