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    Rena-Ware to be specific. Any of you guys ever use it? Mom swore by the stuff, even got me and my wife a set when we got married 18 years ago. Still going strong. Freaking expensive if I remember right. $250 for a 10" skillet, $1200 for a big electric frypan, the stock pot, sauce pans, double boiler, I think the "set" kicked the crap out of $3500! The advertise some type of 5-layer construction, it's damn near bulletproof. Just curious, if this stuff is out there much, and was the cost justified?

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    That stuff looks very similar to Saladmaster cookware. I've never used either.

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    Their homepage aren't very informative. Cookware version of Cutco?

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    Maybe, nice stuff, but the price was retarded! A salesman would show up from the US every 6 to 9 months to offer new products! She would make him work for the sale, but he would leave smiling.

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