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Thread: I'll buy your Burke at the ABS Expo

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    I'll buy your Burke at the ABS Expo

    So I know everyone here knows Burkes are considered some of the very best in 52100 kitchen knives. I also know that he has a wait list for special orders and his stuff sells fast, so it's hard to even get the chance to buy one.

    Well, I'll be at the ABS Expo in San Antonio, Texas, on January 27, 2012. If anyone wants to buy one of his, I'll be more than happy to be your hands and wallet.

    He said he's going to have a 210 Yanagiba made from Tamahagane(which, IIRC, is made from local-to-him Idaho Magnetite), a "killer damascus 210mm gyuto laser", and a few more kitchen knives, plus outdoor knives and hunters. You can contact him for pricing info(since I don't work for him), but none of them are going to disappoint!

    Here's what I was thinking:

    I can take money via paypal or pretty much any reliable, cheap way to get money. I'll hold it in escrow and take it to the show.

    The Expo has an hour of VIP preview time for an hour, 1pm-2pm CST, where I will be able to take some pics with my phone and send them via text/email/pm, make phone calls to you, discuss, etc(I will browse the other vendors during the other 4 hours =] ). If it turns out not to be something you want, no problem, I don't want your money, I'll just send it back.

    No risk, really!

    If you wanna give me some gas money, that'd be cool, but I just wanted to offer the chance for those who aren't even close to the show.

    Post here or PM me if you want to set something up.

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    I hope for pics of Burke knives.

    And thanks for doing this. I would love to go there myself

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    Oh there will be pictures for sure. Lots of pictures of the whole thing, hopefully.

    But if you want to buy one, you'll get pics first, lol.

    C'mon, someone! This would be super fun! Plus you can buy a Bill Burke Tamahagane 210 Yanagiba! Hello! Best meat processor ever.

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    I look forward to pics
    Bills own camera seems to be broken, so I appreciate you bringer yours Eamon. Video interview with Bill would also be legendary!

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    Could Bll post a list of wht he will have?
    Also you need to find a way to beat the E.E. boys from buying everything 1st. I think that's how these shows go, VIP opens they rush to Bill and buy everything?

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    I'm young, I can run fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    I'm young, I can run fast.
    Faster than this one?

    Anyway, I would love to see some pics.

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    Man, that guy looks like a hobbit. Hobbits are fast.

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    I think you will have a hard time beating him in the battle. He got ancestors from Scotland!
    They are mean!

    Bring your videocamera. Do a 1080 p interview with Bill Burke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    Man, that guy looks like a hobbit. Hobbits are fast.
    I agree. We would need to see a foot photo to be sure.
    If his feet look like those sideburns, then.......definite hobbit.
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