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Thread: Masamoto KK vs. KS

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    Masamoto KK vs. KS

    I was wondering if people who have handled both could comment on what the difference is between them and if it is worth it to go for the KS line. It sounds like the blade road is more even from what Koki posted.
    This would be my first single bevel so it is important that the blade road has minimal high / low spots, but is it worth the $?

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    there is a big difference.

    You gamble ordering KK.
    Thats the reason i sold mine

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    Unless you are very comfortable opening a single bevel knife the KS is well worth the extra few bucks.


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    The cheaper oxidize faster and easier, and the patina is ugly. Its not depending on the blades finish.

    The cheaper is shite, there is big chance it will drive you nuts with the warping and overgrinds, but it shure cuts like hell.

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    I don't know the price difference, but I had a KS yanagi for my first knife, and it was a great tool that I happily used for many years. Although I have better knives now, I still use the KS when my other knives aren't sharp, and it's perfectly fine for me to go back to. The KK on the other hand, is not even remotely close. The fit and finish is bad, and everything about it looks and feels cheap. The only reason to get it would be as a throw-away first knife, but it's not cheap enough to do that, so I see little point in buying it. It doesn't hold edge, and it's harder to sharpen. IMHO - avoid it.

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    I've had:

    KK Yanagiba 330mm
    KS Yanagiba 300mm
    KK Yanagiba 270mm
    KK Deba 180mm

    I still have the 270mm and the Deba. KKs are great! The KS was really nice as well, came with a really flat bevel, but the KKs were be no means that badly finished. Sure the KK will take you a little more time to even out, but they are amazing knives, I use mine every day, and wouldn't hesitate to order more.

    The KS also felt a little more "machine finished" to me, I know that can't be the case, but I like the feeling of the KKs more for some reason.

    If it's your first single-bevel, I think you should get the KK, learn how to sharpen and care for it, and upgrade if you grow out of it.

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    The KK usuba I was playing with at Union Commerce in April looked and felt very, very nice to me. I have no idea how it would look opened and sharp, but the factory finish was good and the whole knife was very straight. It wasn't even as expensive as I feared (but I still ended up coming away with a very simple Ittosai nakiri in blue steel that looked nicer for about $100 less).
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    kasumi vs hongasumi, id go with the KS. it's that extra peace of mind kinda thing

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    KK and KS....pretty much the same knife....if you are good with stones / sharpening go with the KK...if you want something almost good to go out of the box...KS...I have a KK yanagi and it's great....

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    what style are you preferring though? if yanagiba, get the KI

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