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Thread: Bob Kramer Video

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    I got to see that knife first hand and talk o Bob the night before he did that TV shoot. Beautiful knife, Bob showed me on the knife that the that a 1" part if the heel was ground different. If he did not point it out I would have not noticed it as he blended it in so well. It was very narrow convex with a 2nd bevel cut in at a 40 angle. I think this would have its uses, chopping bone comes to mind. I use the heel of the knife and push down with all my weight to cut bone all the time. At the fish market they use rubber or wood hammers a lot, I have done this on big tuna, swordfish the Japanese use saws but a hammer is quicker. Not the same as Bobs test but I place the heel of Bills suji on the neck bones of medium sized fish, snapper, grouper, and bang my fist down on It all the time, edge has never chipped.
    I thought it would be fun to let Bill see the old dog after all these years of use, I should have it back today in the mail. Bill should be able to attest that the blade was in pretty good shape with no excessive sharpening or grinding done over the years. He sad the front part were the blade blends into the tip area had its geometry changed (by me) over the years. This makes sense as I remember having a very hard time getting that area of a knife right before I took Dave's classes, still gives me trouble as the way Bill convex's that part is very different from all other knives I have. Bill and Dave have tried explaining it to me but its all hokuspokus stuff to me, I think it can only be done on a belt and I don't have the balls to take any belt aside from a leather one to tat knife.

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