New stuff in the works.
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Thread: New stuff in the works.

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    New stuff in the works.

    Here are a few things i have in the works.
    270 sujihiki, 240 gyuto, 210 petty, 180 petty, 165 deba, 225 filet knife. The deba is 1095 with hamon, the gyuto, suji and filet knife are all W2 with hamon and the petties are 15N20. I also have 3 yanagi's in the works(not in pics), and one is left handed I hope to get the rough grindiing on these done tonight, and maybe have one or to available by the end of the week.

    Comments and critiques are always welcome
    Thanks for looking


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    Looking great mike. I particularly like the suji profile.

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    Got the gyuto ground, one of the petties and one side of the suji done last night. Going to crank out the rest tonight and start the finishing process.

    Had to stop part way through roughing in the bevels, and do a hamon test

    Should have one sexy hamon when it is all said and done :P

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