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Thread: Kids and Eating

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    Years ago my best friends would have us over for dinner. Their kids were about the same age as mine. While the adults had normal food, the kids would have hot dogs, hamburger, or whatever. Sometimes Karen even prepared macaroni and cheese for the one of their kids who didn't even like hot dogs. The first time my daughter, then about five years old, found that she was getting hot dogs, while the adults had grilled steak....she almost had a conniption, until I told her...better watch it. Still...I felt motivated to share my steak with her and eat half her hot dog. LOL

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    I had a waitress compliment how well my daughter was eating. I said "Yeah, she eats what we do".
    She said, "Oh, I wish! Mine won't do that. She only eats chicken nuggets."
    I said, "Don't give her the option."

    She stared and said, "Well...yeah..."

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