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Thread: Tuna vid I stumbled upon

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    That is Kindai--a farm-raised Bluefin. The lack of dark red meat is a dead giveaway that it's a fat, lazy farm animal. Never had to run from or after anything in it's life.
    Didn't know that - thanks for pointing it out.

    Even so, what little I know about how tuna are "farm-raised" and it's still a far cry from being sustainable. Basically wild young fish are corralled in giant ocean net-pens, feed prcessed feed (and probably growth hormones to fatten them up quicker as well as anti-biotics to fend of sea lice which flourish in ocean pens) and then slaughtered when they reach a certain size. There's no interest in preserving brood stock, sustainable feed, etc. They're not like salmon that are raised from eggs in hatcheries (and there's nothing good about that either). Tuna are pelagic (open ocean dwelling), as opposed to salmon which are anadromous meaning they live in salt but spawn in freash water in the same place they were born, and less is know about how and where tuna spawn. If you know more/otherwise please enlighten us. Cheers! mpp

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    No, that's not wrong. Its just the effort toward farm raising them that counts, because it is like farm raising tigers, sharks, grizzlies or eagles for food. They are magnificent, top predators. Why they don't just eat Yellowfin for a little while, I do not know. Yellowfin can be sustainably harvested, and Bluefin(while it does have a flavor all its own), is not THAT much better that we should kill them all, like on the tv show 'Dinosaurs'.

    Most frozen tuna for sushi is Yellowfin(Ahi), and when I am at the sushi bar, I like to see fresh tai and frozen tuna.

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