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Thread: 264 layer ladder pattern in the works

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    It's to help with those long slicing cuts to help keep them square to the board!

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    WOW! That's one pretty knife. That mammoth sure has some magic to it. Excellent work, Pierre.


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    Wow, that is a great looking knife!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Beautiful blade and handle.......Who's the lucky knifenut.

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    I know he hung out a bit at KF, not sure about here. I gave him the link to this thread, so he knows about it. Marko knows him...

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    I would like a review of this. Is it Madrookie at KF that owns this one?

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    No, it belongs to a gentleman from New York.

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    Is it possible to get in touch with him?

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    I can, I invited him to the forum to see the pictures. Seeing he chose to remain anonomous, I will respect that.

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    Can you ask for some pics after use?
    Im VERY interessted in this steel combination

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