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Thread: The whole kit!

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    WOW. Thanks for the video, nice kit, very inspirational. I carry most of my tools with me in my janky Messermeister roll, it does the job, but I am not complete yet, and once again - I just don't like my roll. It's cool to know that other people carry all of their tools with them as well, I get made fun of for that at work by guys that show up with one knife
    I carry all of my stuff also. I like knowing I have it and there is no waiting for a silpat or a plating spoon when needed. I say if you want a bag to carry everything the ultimate edge bag he uses or a kubi kit would work.

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    Also check out mercer bags the knife pack plus, the briefcase thing they have, the tipple zipper bag i carry, and messenger bag. The have a bunch of storage options.

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