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Thread: New guy from CT here!

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    New guy from CT here!

    Hi guys! My name is Tim, and I've been on several other knife forums over the years, so some of the screen names are familiar! I'm not a chef, but I like to cook and I like sharp pointy blades! I have a few Japanese knives (Gyutos, Deba, Honesuki, Santoku, petty's, etc) and I am enjoying rehandling some of the knives! I found this place by searching for burl pics for handle ideas to re handle some knives and found Burl Source!

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    Welcome to the forum! Mark has some great stuff for sure!

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Looking for Burl and you found Mark? Uh oh!


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    Yeah, no kidding!!! I guess it's a good thing I missed out on his end of the year sale; I would be flat broke! As it was, I bought 5 big pieces of burls Now I just need some blades!

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    Hey Tim, welcome. I live in Farmington and work in Hartford. Where are you?
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    I'm in East Hampton, I work in Middletown at Wesleyan Univ.

    Just found a guy a couple towns over that does some sick burl turning...road trip!!!

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    Cool, Welcome Tim.

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