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Thread: Comparable to a DT ITK

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    Awesome handle, it looks pro quality to me. How long did it take you to do this?

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    If you have a 240 Tojiro but don't want "laser" thin then to fit your desires at the best price/performance I 110% suggest a Carbonext. I have a 270, it's thinner than a 270 Tojiro but thicker than the 270 HD. The 240 CN I am sure is a bit thinner than the 270 but still not a laser like the HD's. The HDs have outstanding profile on the blade IMO. The CN is closer to a Tojiro in profile with a thinner grind and better handle IMO. I am a big fan of the CN but w/ the HD in my possesion and a DM handles Hiro for heavier work I find the CN seeing less work. Still rated best knife I have seen/used in the $100-250 range.

    The HD 270 is my favorite blade I have used but definitely not an all rounder like a CN or my heaftier Hiro or Tojiro.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bob View Post
    Awesome handle, it looks pro quality to me. How long did it take you to do this?
    Bob, they really don't take terribly long, if you have some dedicated days, they could probably be done in a weekend. But I work 65 hours a week, travel a ton and have a three year old boy that loves to "help". I am lucky if I get 15 min at a time to work on handles. This one probably took three or four weeks.

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    Forum members,

    Please contact me pearsonally if you have a problem with one of my knives.

    With each batch of ITK's they are getting thinner. With the many comments here I will probably come out with a laser.

    I will take any DT ITK as thin as you want.

    I think it best that you give me a chance to fix anything that you are unhappy about.

    It is difficult to build a knife for the money that these are selling for and the expectation that these are as good as a full custom.

    The steel and the heat treat are as good as we know how.

    I do understand that my knives will not be a perfect match for everyone.

    I encourage everyone to make 10 knives of this size and sell them for the same price, and let me know if your perspective might change a bit.

    Love and respect


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    I don't think anyone is hating on your knives in particular... if you start making them all thin, some people are going to want a thicker, more "all purpose" knife. Everyone has different tastes, and I'd personally love to own an ITK someday... I just don't know when I'll be able to afford one with all the other stuff I want as well... sigh...

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    Good to hear Hoss.

    From my perspective, I would have kept my knife and worked on it. However, I already had a great knife with a great custom handle, and I didn't want to keep 2 270mm. It was time for someone else to enjoy, and from all communications, he is.

    Thanks for putting out a great product, with awsome fit and finish.

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    Devin has a valid point in that should anyone have an issue with a knife that they buy they should take it up with the maker or the purveyor. I'll add that it's a good idea to do this before posting online about it. Posting on issues/problems with a knife before giving the maker a chance to make it right isn't the right thing to do. I'm not pointing fingers here or saying that anyone did anything wrong, just that this is a good opportunity to mention this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc2442 View Post
    With an unknown time table on when a DT ITK western handled knife will become available...
    BTW, for those who have stopped visiting KF, Mark and Devin have decided to pre-sell the Western handled 240mm gyuto, in the same way the wa-handled versions are already being pre-sold. Mark estimates a 90 day wait.

    http://www.This Site Not Allowed

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    My DT ITK 240 is not too thick, and not too thin for my tastes -- it really is a great all-around performer. It is thin enough to make the Hiros I have look like elephants. I know there are thinner knives out there, but I have not been drawn towards them. And the handle is nice enough that I have not felt the need to upgrade.

    I hope to pick up a 270 at some point, probably in carbon steel.

    I think it's great that Devin took on the ITK project, and is still hard at it. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Dave M turns out in his new line.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Yep, I ordered one this morning. Even with the wait, I like being able to lock in the order.

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