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Thread: I think Im done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jm2hill View Post
    My dad did a lot of computer programming and engineering in mines when he was younger.

    Pockets was a huge issue and it led to some pretty scary and funny stories!

    Bill if you like your fingers keep those pockets empty

    I had a friend that worked in a lab and pockets were such a big issue that they made him work in nothing but a set of shorts, and he had to get a full body search before he could leave!

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    Of course, "pockets" was just a quip, posted primarily for my own amusement late at night, glass of brandy in hand. Nevertheless, there was kind of a point.

    I used to play poker with the owner of a car rental firm in Sand Diego. One evening, the conversation turned to a story that had been printed in that day's paper. Seems that a bag containing $1,000,000 had been found in the trunk of a rental car abandoned in the airport parking lot, and the person who found it turned it in.

    I asked my friend what he would have done if one of his employees had brought him that bag. He immediately replied, "Why, I'd have turned it over to the police." The he said, "Of course, I already have a million dollars . . ".

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