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Thread: Hello From Nashville

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    Hello From Nashville

    Hi, new guy here. I've been lurking/learning here and the other boards like crazy for the past year or so. First of all I wanted to thank everyone for helping me along this path of Japanese knives and stones. It's been amazing to have almost all of my questions already answered without even needing to post. Thanks!

    I've been cooking professionally for about 8 years now and like many people my intro to J knives was a Shun. After using one for a couple of years I just started thinking that there HAD to be something better out there. I used Google, found the KF forum and the rest is history. I started out sharpening on an EP with Choseras and became pretty proficient with that set up. However, there's always been this nagging voice in my head telling me to learn to freehand so I bought a couple of stones and am learning them now. This is such a great community and I'm happy that it exists. I'm glad to be here and looking forward to contributing and learning more.


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    Welcome Trey! What kind of place do you work at?
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    Thanks! I work at a sushi/robatayaki place. Were a pretty big restaurant at about 350 seats. I've been at this place for a little more than a year and never previously thought I would, but have absolutely fallen in love with Asian food. All of this just furthered my Japanese knife obsession by the way.

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    Hello and welcome..!


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    Welcome to the Knut house! Guard your wallet!
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    Welcome to KKF!

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    Welcome. Which place do you work at? I'm in Brentwood and I love Sushi!

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    Welcome Trey. The most romantic dinner of my life was at Germantown Cafe.

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