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Thread: Why the Kiritsuke on suji?

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    Why the Kiritsuke on suji?

    I see some makers make a Kiritsuke tip on some of their knives. Ie their suji. However I don't see the point in that, wouldn't that increase the chance of damaging the tip? I could however see the use on a smaller knife, but not on a 270 or bigger suji?

    Here is the Kiritsuke tip suji

    Here is not:

    Anyone like to enlighten me?
    I like the normal tip far more than the other tip, am I stupid or something?

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    honestly, i just did it because i like the way it looks... i have a few in that style and have never had a broken tip on one.

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    In my experience, a kiritsuke styled tip actually adds some meat to the tip, yet doesn't make it thicker behind the edge. I prefer the look of it and it makes me worry less about damaging the tip.
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    In all reality, the tip is stronger, there more material behind and above the tip, the angle of the tip is greater, thus stronger, maybe even a tad safer, as it isn't quite as pointy. You would have to push quite a bit harder to say stop an intruder My thoughts. I like the style.

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    The difference is stylistic (for looks) as few use the reinforced tip for heavy tip work. I personally like the angled tip on knives where it matters, like honesuke.


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    Cause it looks pimp...why else O? Pierre's latest suji is a glowing example of that knife.

    This tip is what used to attract me to the Kikuichi Elite years ago, and is why I keep looking at a 240 Suisin moly that Jon has with that cool handle.

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    Ive read some makers say the shape adds downward force during slicing.
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    Gee....where did you say I could buy this knife?
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    I quite like the look on my 270 Kamemasa, a long time favourite by many on the low end side until recent price hike:

    It is now my bread and crusty roast knife.

    PS. The photo is not mine, but I think it is Jon's when he started up JKI.

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