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Thread: K tip Gyuto blade blank..

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    Awesome Taz, I got your PM. Shoot me a Email rather the PM and we will work out the details.

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    Figures, I read and replied to your PM; I will shoot you an email as well!

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    Taz, Got the email, Thanks bro, Its easier to keep track of stuff on a email for me then the PM system here. Lets get some blade rollin!

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    Got my knife and scales in yesterday. Looks awesome! Great workmanship on the blank it fit the bill of what I was hoping for even better than I expected.

    I'm not a knife buff and the only stuff I have to compare it to is the chef knife from my bergoff set and my dads wusthof chefs knife (which this is replacing). Compared to my dads knife, it's about as thick at the back tallest part of the blade on top but I think thinner at the bottom where the cutting edge will be. Extending out to the tip it's without a doubt much thinner all around. And the tip, talk about a point! That things dangerous lol even completely unsharpened I can hardly even stand the the bare weight of the knife point down on my heavily callouses fingers.

    My main concern when I bought this was how heavy and thick it would be compared to my current chef knifed. I'd be pretty confident in saying I'll be blown away if when fully sharpened this thing isn't like a lazer compared to the wusthof while still being thick enough to not worry about any heavy duty and hard cutting.

    I'm pretty excited to get going on this I'm currently experimenting with some forced patina. I'll post some pics when I get it where I like. Hopefully late next week I'll be able to start in on the handles.

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    cazten, thanks for letting me know it arrived. I have no doubt your dad will love it and it will preform well for him!

    Have fun working on it and please post up a photo or two when you can!

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    Finally goT to working on this! Got a really beautiful patina going,forced. Probably repeated the process 10 times and re sanded till I got the ones I wanted lol. In the garage now working on handles. I'm fabricating copper liners before the handles. I just finished attaching one side last night and just sanded it off smooth. Looks cool I have half a mind to leave it copper and no handles lol. Not thick enough though.

    I'll get a few pics up soon before I start applying the other side.

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    LOL, I got some copper liner material and mosaic pins with copper for my blank!

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    Cool looking patina! How did ya do it?

    I cant wait to see this when you get r done!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

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    Mustard! But the real secret to getting the look I wanted was HEAT. Mustard alone no matter how much I did it only resulted it gray dark etchings. But mine, under the right light especially is full covered in luminescent blue, covered by dark etchings.

    I would heat the blade under the hottest tap water I had for about a minute, quickly apply mustard. I'd let it cool for abouta couple minutes then hit it with a blow dryer. The blow dryer would completely dry out the mustard and I noticed better color results if mid blow dry I re covered it in mustard again (without removing the dry layer). Just enough to kinda wet it again. Once I got it fairly hot (not crazy hot, just fairly uncomfortable to hold) I would let it sit again for about a minute or two. Then transfer it over to the sink under scalding water again.

    I came to notice that the places that got really hot would burn the mustard, and the etchings would come out very prominent and dark right there. So to get some of those lines I flipped the knife over upside down (mustard facing down clean side up) and let the scalding water hit from th back specific places I wanted the etch to be more powerful, like of I had some bold lines I wanted to pop out harder. Just left the tap on it till it darkened. Repeated this twice on each side. The first application did 90% of the work. You can also lightly sand it with like 1000 grit and reapply over that. More busy etchings.

    The one thing I also did that really brought out the ability of the patina to catch your eye was I wet sanded from 320-1000 grit. When you look down from an angle the tiny scratches/lines from heavier grit paper change how the light bounces and reflects off the blade. By taking it up to a higher grit it really changed how well that patina caught your eye from every angle.... And it also taught me really fast just how flipping hard hardened carbon steel is lol. When I first started I couldn't figure out if my paper was sanding the steel, or if the steel was sanding my sand paper lol.

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