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Thread: Tease...

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    Knice! One of my all time favorite patterns from Devin!!

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    C'mon... it's been 30mins! Would you accept this in a strip club?
    -"we're gonna make gluten free lasagna"

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    Its Devins steel but he is not the maker of the knife
    More pics to come...

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    See what you've started Jon? Now everyone wants to tease.

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    Damn it, is it one of your Marko knives? Just gotta keep telling myself that I'm more than happy with my Heijis (and the Carter I have on order...and the Marko practice knife he may make me one day...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    See what you've started Jon? Now everyone wants to tease.
    I know, it's terrible!

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    I hope to see some pics of the knife with handle tomorrow
    And with different lights on the pics Im sure most of you will agree that Marko gonna be awesome.

    Looking forward to the pics

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    Oivind, you're lucky I am not sneaky enough...I tried to swipe this from Marko's shop on Monday but he caught me before I could make my escape!
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    Heard you came around - lol
    What do you think of Markos skill when you can hold and feel his knives?

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