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Thread: What kind of oil do you use?

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    What kind of oil do you use?

    In you pans?

    Heard a lot of different things about oil, and the most healthy freaks I know say that I should use grape pine oil or coconut oil. What do you use?

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    Cast iron? Nothing works better than bacon fat.

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    Bacon fat can't be healthy?

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    Oh yeah it can!

    As the demonization of fat is cooling down, and people are starting to look at good and bad fats, pigs are coming out pretty well.

    You can also use well rendered lard--but with bacon fat, you get bacon at the end.

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    Anything in moderation...I use grapeseed due to the higher smoking point, but love bacon. In fact I am eating some thick sliced applewood smoked right now.

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    I'm Italian so mostly olive oil. I use grapeseed too but miss the flavor. A nutritionist friend also recommended walnut oil. And cold pressed she said was the healthiest of all. I would guess the relative healthyness would have to do with the amount of oil absorbed rather than the type in large part.

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    i've used lots of things over the years, but i've been sticking with olive oil for a quite a while, now. it works well, and i always have a variety on hand. i did use walnut oil for a sauté, the other day, and i use bacon grease in some dishes, especially beans, but mostly olive oil.

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    I like safflower.

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    Mainly olive oil, but safflower and canola on occasion. And bacon/ panchetta fat for some things.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Peanut for high heat, olive oil for low, sometimes I fry in shortening, bacon and duck fat when they're there... oh and butter. Lots of butter.

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