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Thread: Whats up for 2012?

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    Whats up for 2012?

    Anyone got some special orders they wanna share?
    Or any plans on some cool knives this year?

    I think its to long between the cool buys here, so just wonder if anybody got some interesting purchases in 2012

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    I have 3 knives ordered from Marko. A 180mm Gyuto, a 150mm Petty (both in 52100) and a (wait for it) 270mm Suji in ladder damascus with a pimped handle (possibly a little mokume) That's why I said "I should be jealous, but..." on your tease thread

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    AEB-L on the ladder pattern?
    Great choice of maker. Marko is def most bang for da bucks atm, in one year he will be able to double his prices

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    Sorry, I have been sworn to secrecy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    Sorry, I have been sworn to secrecy.
    NO WAY! INFO!!

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    Actually, this one is in high contrast carbon, so it will really show off. It will primarily be a slicer (I'm pairing it with one of Pierre's forks), so bling is definitely desirable.

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    To what I'm waiting for this year:

    Dave Gyuto - which is close to being finished
    Del Nakiri
    Pierre Pettysuki

    All in O1

    Pierre Fork

    Really excited for them all.

    What else I hope for this year:

    Rehandle my carter
    Get onto Marko's list
    Get a DT
    Get a boardsmith

    Sounds like a fun year!

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    DT custom? I think DT backorder is more like 1,5 year or something
    Nice knives though

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    - Get better at managing my time
    - New heat treating approach for both stainless and carbon
    - New type of knives

    "All beauty that has no foundation in use, soon grows distasteful and needs continuous replacement with something new." The Shakers' saying.

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    I have a few cool things planned for 2012. Going to do some traditional stuff. It is still in the finalizing stages, but will post teaser pics when the time comes
    New drill press
    New HT oven
    Damascus press
    More J knives
    Boardsmith board

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