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Thread: Sustainability and Seafood

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    Sustainability and Seafood

    So I've become recently interested in learning more about sustainable seafood and buying practices (both the restaurant and market settings). I know there are a few folks out there working in sustainable sushi restaurants and the like. Does anyone know of any cool resources, books, etc that one could educate themselves with?

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    "Fish Forever" by Johnson is a great book covering the sustainable fish from the bay area and such. Also the Monterey Bay Aquarium is very active in the sustainable fish industry. My work uses their reccomendations for fish purchases.

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    i posed your question to my friend the other day . .fyi he is a PhD. with 30+ yrs experience . his reply is as follows
    Hi Bill,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. JoePa’s passing has consumed a lot of the beginning of this week. The best sustainable seafood guide is probably the Monterey Aquariums one. There are groups the attempt to be unbiased, but often get wrapped up in quasi-politics surrounding fisheries, i.e. MSC certification. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) does not have an “official” list. They and the Fisheries Regional Councils (I work for the Mid-Atlantic Council) are charged with developing sustainable fisheries and perhaps they need to do a better job of selling their successes. All species that we manage are not overfished. Those species include: surfclams, ocean quahogs (all the clam chowders and clam strips), squid, mackerel, bluefish, dogfish, monkfish, summer flounder, scup and black sea bass are all managed sustainably.

    Hope this is helpful.

    hope this helps
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    +1 for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    There is a sustainable sushi restaurant near me in New Haven, CT. They have some interesting reading on their site.
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    Here is our best Canadian resource:

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