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Thread: What is kasumi...

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    What is kasumi...

    Soo, winter is really good time to play with steel and stones, isnt it?

    And so I sent my Masamoto budget edition to spa.

    I polished the front entirely and set new, quite cool kasumi with the naturals im using now.

    Please notice on the photo how angles of reflection changes for the iron cladding and steel edge

    The result:

    Kasumi, huh?

    Some photos with my home made oak saya

    I really like fow the wood is reflected in the blade

    That is what I think a kasumi is
    Im thinking of polishing the back also

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    That looks fantastic - great pics..!

    ..and nice job on the saya as well..


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    Great job, I bet that took a while

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    Jesus, Master Yoda, please, just not with the stick...

    I dont have pics in action, but have photo of yesterdays carrot cake instead !

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    it shure took some time, but thats the only thing I dont have to pay for

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    Very good work, biniek. Seems like a good amount of hamaguriba too.

    May I please join for fun? Kasumi on yoshi with hakka from the master, and no finger stone. It is more of a fine matt kasumi finish. Still learning to do a hazy mirror kasumi, but not quite there yet.

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    Very good!

    [Come on people, shake what your momma gave ya...yyy no... show me your kasumi!!]

    You need fingerstones man!!

    Those are the three indivuduals responsible, provided by Maxim. And a set of fingering stones which I dont know what are they, two looks the same to me, I just used them so much to find out which is what, hardness and how each works on what step of the process.

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    You guys are really talented around here. One day I'll get time and focus enough to be able to do as well as some of you guys. Super sweet looking

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    That looks really nice. How did you polish the part above the shinogi (I forget what it's called). The part with the stamps. On stones?

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