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Thread: A start to finish WIP

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    Thanks guys! And yep that knife and saya are amazing.

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    First off:

    Pierre get another camera. Your pics truly does not justify the knife.
    I had the pleasure of playing with it today.

    I have to admit that I was very skeptical to this knife, but when I first saw it: I have to tell that this one is just one hell of a knife.
    Haralds skill in sharpening and Markos strop made this knife crazy sharp. It felt really good in the hand, and Pierre is truly skilled.
    The saya is amazing. Like small black diamonds shining in the light.

    Pierre: I tip my hat. Im truly impressed. Really impressed! DAMN
    I know Harald will post a review, and his words are far more worth than mine .)

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    Thank you sir. That means a lot! I am looking forward to Haralds review as well.

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