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Thread: Wusthof Scimeter - My first restoration

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    For reference, I went digging through again and most of my information about the steel of the knife goes back to the ebay seller ralph1396, who has quite a large selection of old cutlery and seems to know a thing or two if you cut through all the sales jargon. One of his item descriptions includes this quote "...that is a conservative estimate, and it could be as old as the 1920's or 30's. That's a very good thing, too, since most European cutlery companies switched in 1987 from using fine virgin steel to using recycled inferior "world steel" (i.e., recycled Hyundai's, food cans, and waffle-irons), so this knife pre-dates that by a long-shot." He also describes a Wusthof Chef's knife with exactly the same style stamp on my knife with, "The knife predates the industry's conversion from virgin steel to recycled and represents a level of craftsmanship and quality that are now lost to the economic realities of our age. If you treasure fine cutlery or are collecting Wusthof, you'll want to be buying because Wusthof carbon steel knives just don't come up very often, especially not like this one." I should add he's looking for $200 for his chef knife and I picked mine up for a paltry $30. Looks like I lucked out with quite a ...steel.

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    I hate the virgin steel superiority to recycled steel myth. Grrr.


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    Well myth or not (and I wouldn't be suprised if it was) the knife still took a really nice edge. Guess all I can do is wait and see how it holds up.

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