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Thread: Sushi dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowtyper View Post
    No toronto showing...guess I just have to wait for online version
    Just saw this yesterday at the TIFF Lightbox theater in Toronto.I think it's running till the 29th of March.Such a great film.I highly recommend it.

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    I went to see it at the Lightbox as well Very cool film. It's not so much about the sushi itself - though of course there is some camera-time on the absolutely beautiful works that Jiro and his son serve - but more about the values, way of thinking, and way of seeing the world that they and their circle of chosen suppliers have and practice every day.

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    Yes I also watched it after finding out about it in an article. Great cinematography. I feel bad for his eldest son.

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    It made me think of Prince Charles

    I think Jiro is doing his eldest son a disservice by staying on as the front-man even now. It would be better for the eventual handoff to his son if he slowly moved the limelight from just himself over to him and his son. Based on what we hear in the film, the eldest son has the goods, but I would think a big concern is the public perception of whether he does. *shrug* That's how I see it anyhow.

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    Just saw it this afternoon. Fantastic documentary and great footage of Jiro + family.

    I actually found his praise of Joël Robuchon admirable.

    Saw some great knives being used in the kitchen. I can't say what they were, but it was a great movie.

    Catch it if you can.
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    If anyone finds it online, I'd love a link. Don;t think this will be playing in Jasper at the local theater. ha ha

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    I would love to watch the whole movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindbender View Post
    Saw some great knives being used in the kitchen. I can't say what they were, but it was a great movie.
    Was it just me or did anyone else notice that their knives were maybe improperly sharpened? I don't know if I should dare to say that, but the tips on all the debas and yanagi-bas in the film were flattened out in the exact way that Jon describes in one of his YouTube videos.

    The film itself was great. I would loooove to eat at either of the restaurants that were featured.

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    Uh oh. I'm gonna have to check out the trailer again

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    Unfortunately, what I'm talking about is not visible in the trailer or the Bourdain clip. The shape of the knives, however, reminded me of exactly what was happening to a forum member's knife here. He posted a thread about it a while back. None of this is to take away from the chefs. I just thought it was interesting that there might be sharpening problems even in the best places.

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