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Thread: Killer dinner last night at Spago Beverly Hills

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    Killer dinner last night at Spago Beverly Hills

    Last night, Sara and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary at Spago. The chef hooked us up with an amazing meal. Here are some pics i thought you guys might enjoy:
    Food pics album... the ones towards the end are the newest

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    Happy anniversary you two.

    What was in the box Jon?

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    some pottery...the chef is a friend and has a deep interest in japanese pottery so we brought some in to show and talk about.

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    Happy anniversary! Awesome photos..

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    happy anniversary! that meals looks fantastic.

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    Happy Anniversary, you two!

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    Congrats! If I hadn't just eaten, I'd be hungry now!

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    Major congrats Jon and Sara! You both are very fortunate in so many ways, many happy years to you!
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    thanks so much

    yeah... i feel very fortunate to be a the place in life i'm at now... its a lot of fun and i'm happy to be able to make a living doing this. The food is an added bonus :P

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    Happy Anniversary Jon and Sara!

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