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Thread: Yoshikane 240 mm SLD Kiritsuke - custom

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    Yoshikane 240 mm SLD Kiritsuke - custom

    Here's a little video of the beast ...

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    that knife looks awesome

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    I feel like a when holding this in my hand - yes it's awesome

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    Thanks I can't wait to get mine

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    You are welcome

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    Love the shadows on that.

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    Crap. Just when I thought that I had all the knives that I wanted. Thanks for the post...beautiful knife!

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    looks great, can´t wait for mine

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    Nice video Peco glad that you liked it !! Hope it gets some use in the kitchen

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    That is a kuro-uchi finish with Damascus running through it, right? I had never seen one like that until very recently when JKI got that yanagiba with that style of finish. It's really beautiful! I've never been drawn to damascus knives but that is just awesome. Who are you ordering these Yoshikanes through?

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