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Thread: I'M BACK!!!

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    I'M BACK!!!

    Howdy all, I just wanted to reintroduce myself. My name is Will I used to live in Central Jersey spent the last 2.5 months in Chicago completing Navy bootcamp and now I am down in Pensacola, Fl getting ready to start my "A" school. I was a member here before I left for boot and built a fairly nice collection of knives: shigefusa 180&240mm gyuto 300mm yangi 240mm Delbert Ealy gyuto and a 150mm paring knife from Butch. Unfortunately all these were left at home and it's going to be many months before I can see them again and probably years before I can start using them again. But at least I have you fine folks to fill the void and by the looks of things there are a few new makers out there with some exciting work. I'm looking forward to participating on the forums again so hopefully I'll see you around.


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    Welcome back and THANK YOU for your service.


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    Will, are you at Mainside or Corry?


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    Hey, Navy! Grew up in a Navy family. Work on a posting in Japan! How many knifes can you get in a sea bag? (:

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    PCola, I'm in Corry (read: geek) not quite as nice as the big base, but that gives it a vary laid back college feel, actually it's about half the size of the university I graduated from and that was a small school.

    Mint, if I had a kitchen or anyplace to cook I would definantely have my knives shipped down, Japan is top five on my list of duty stations when the time comes, it would certainly be awesome to be able to shop for nice knives in person rather then online, and as a huge sushi guy I imagine I could find some decent places to eat.

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    Hey, I'm in Central Jersey, maybe I could stop by ant take care of those knives you left behind for ya.... Where were you previously in Jersey anyway? I'm in South Plainfield now but have spent most of my time in Old Bridge, Sayreville and Edison.
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    Welcome back and congrats on finishing phase one! Good luck with your next training and postings!
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    Thanks For the welcome guys, theory I was in New Egypt (5min from six flags). Thanks for the offer but those knives are under lock and key while I am away :-)

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    Will, how'd you like using the goop in a can and disposables again?

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