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Thread: Lots of metal buildup on the stones?

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    Oh and to the other poster, my final product I am pretty happy with (it's able to cut paper, my test) and my wife like's the way it cuts the veggies (her test ). As to raising a bur, yes! I do it once with the 500x (on both sides) and then again with the 1200x (both sides). By the time I get to the 5000x I can no longer feel anything (should I be at this point?). Then I have some soft fuzzy block and sheet (that I bought from this site) that I rub the blade on when its all done.

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    You should be feeling progressively smaller burrs as you go up in grit #. By the time you get to 5k, it'll be small, but it should still be there.

    I think you talking about the felt deburring block and felt de-burring pad. Take a look at Dave's instructions at http://www.japaneseknifesharpeningst...p/stropkit.htm. I'm not sure, but it sounds like you're using them a little differently from the what the instructions indicate.

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    No expert here, but when my mud begins to get a bit pasty I use a spray bottle and spritz a few time to keep things nice and moist. It's a bit less messy, especially if you are not working over a sink. Disclaimer: I do this because I saw Dave do it in his DVD

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    Make sure the mud is not drying out(it'll create resistence) and not building up too much(causing your edge to skate across the stone). Other than that, mud is your friend.

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