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Thread: For sale: Yoshikane 240 mm SLD Kiritsuke - custom

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    I've been clicking links and following this knife through various video and photo galleries, and while it looks great, I haven't seen much in the way of specs or description.

    Do you know what the cladding is? Is it a nickel /carbon blend or is it the more reactive iron stuff like Shigefusa uses?

    Approximate spine thickness @ heel, mid, tip?
    Balance point?

    The design seems to lean more towards the "general use"/gyuto end of the mix than the yanagi/suji slicer end. Is this correct?
    If you where to keep it, what would you see using it for the most?

    Any idea of shipping cost to the USA?

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    it's the stainless, go to Maxims site, you will see the specs there.

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    oops, sorry. The webpage only has a review, the specs are here:

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    i would buy that if it were carbon. i love my Yoshi V2, and that would look nice next to it. oh well. good luck!

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    Decided to take the Yoshi of the market ... thanks for looking.

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    I never really understood what you ment by "to blingy". It has a beautiful shine on it which will go away when you start using it. Or the beautiful damascus which you will not harm at all. Just being curious.

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    I just prefer knifes that are not damascus, to shiny/flashy - ones you have to take really good care of to maintain the good looks.

    The knife is a piece of art but to "blingy" to use in a pro-kitchen, that would be a shame, well that's what I think anyways.

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