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Thread: cupcakes in the store

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    cupcakes in the store

    Yesterday, sara was hanging out at home making cupcakes. Today, we have them in the store. Stop by today and grab a cupcake while you check out knives and stones (and maybe some pottery)

    and to all of you not in LA...

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    Had you upgraded to cupcakes 10 days ago when my brother and I visited your shop you might have sold me more knives. As it was I greatly appreciated your and Sara's excellent and friendly service along with tea and crackers as you introduced me to my first Japanese knives; Gesshin Ginga 240 Wa-gyuto in sweedish stainless and a 150 Wa-petty in white #2 steel.
    You have a wonderful shop, service, and knives Jon. Save some of those cupcakes for my next visit.
    Thank you,

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    Can you send one along with my order please?

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