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Thread: PRO photos!!! Meteorite damascus gyuto.

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    PRO photos!!! Meteorite damascus gyuto.

    Hello, and good day. today was a great day, I have been working on a very cool Suji and everything is going great and im making some good progress on this one. when I came in from the shop to grab a bite to eat for dinner and found this photo in my email in box!!!

    Its the OUT OF THIS WORLD Gyuto.. I had to send this one out to a pro, possibly the best in the business..COOP. Sharp by COOP! Thanks Jim..

    And well.. Ill let the picture say the rest. This is the OUT OF THIS WORLD.. Knife, please feel free to view the Work In Progress ( WIP ) Thread

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    That is AWESOME!

    I didn't realize how cool that box is also. All around just a fantastic job. You and Randy Jr. should be extremely proud of the job you did.



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    Sweet Randy. What fun for you (and the buyer) to have these photos. Will be nice to have them for your website too.

    +1 on the box. You are a talented woodworker. That box is pretty elaborate. Very nice.

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    yep new wallpaper. Awesome work and love the thread. Can't wait to see how the 1mil. Damascus turns out.

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    Nothing I can say will do this knife justice. All I will say is you did some amazing work.

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    For some reason, in my mind, I saw that picture and said:

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    Wow!!! amazing.....

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    That's three kinds of awesome right there!! I don't know which three, but there it is.
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    Oh... my... god.


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    Thanks Guys for checking out the pictures! Im humbled by your comments and remarks about the knife! And very proud of this knife!

    I do know that this whole project from start to finish will always hold a special place in my heart, and mind.

    Its such a amazing honor to be able to work with you guys as well as to use these awesome materials!! And as a Dad, Im proud of Jr. and blessed to be able to work with him on this and all our projects!

    After finishing this one. and filling a couple of other orders that have meteorite damascus.. I am happy to say. I have one more large billet of this Galaxy pattern steel from the same bar this knife was made. So if there is anyone that is interested in getting one of my knives and would like to have Galaxy damascus.. feel free to contact me!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

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