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Thread: Why Soak J-nats

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    Absolutely! I apologize if I made it out to sound like not soaking is superior or not, it's subjective and up to each user as is everything with Jnats.

    I meant it easy-going that the hardest Asagi's, Ozuku and such are much more friendly to work with when soaked, they give the user more room to relax and appreciate the process instead of struggle with the ruthlessness of the hard stone. It's all up to the user like you say

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    You’re totally right

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    Thanks for the great post Maxim!
    I think that,at first, many people are afraid to experiment with precious things that they do not fully understand -i know i sure was with my first good knives and jnats.

    This post gave me better understanding and courage to play with and enjoy my jnats.

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