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Thread: Need a new line knife...

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    How about a Gekko/Inuzama from JCK? Korin also sells the same knife from under the name Togiharu, but I didn't see a gyuto in their lineup.

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    Jesus. I would've had their hand if they treated my knives like that. Boss or not. I don't care, that's simple disrespect. In that kind of environment, I would go to the asian store, buy a box of cheap ass knives and a cleaver, pull out your knives for prep and keep them with you wherever you go, then for service, put your good stuff away, pull out your cheap ass knives and go to town. Once they get dull, throw it away or give it to your boss so he can eat cereal with them.

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    I had a really overbearing, rude boss(he was a head sushi chef, brother of the owner, go figure). Nobody criticized him to his face, and he'd fly off the handle and insult people all the time(turnover was high). One day, he was about to put soap on my shapton pro(he wasn't using it, just helping) and I screamed, and jumped like a startled fox. He gave it right back.

    I would not tolerate ANYONE screwing with my stuff.

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    Others suggested a Konosuke 210 petty (I have its cousin the Suisin inox 210 petty and love it), I definitely would want something cheaper/tougher in that environment...

    ...there is something about the Hiromoto G3 210 sujihiki for under $100 that really has my attention. Looks like a great all-around knife to me.

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    What about a Fujiwara FKM 210 gyuto or suji, fits most of your req's, not sure on the thinness since I've never used one; there pretty cheap as well. 210 FKM $68 @ JCK. I have a Konosuke HD petty and would highly recommend but your kitchen would destroy that in 2 days. Maybe Jon @ JKI could source you something that would work.

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    I think a stainless Yoshihiro would fit the bill of the not to thick, not to thin and not too expensive gyuto, and is to my knowledge in stock at JKI. Or was last time I was eyeballing them.

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