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Thread: Would this variable speed controller work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Niloc View Post
    With that vfd I would still need a deferent motor, or would that work on the one I have?
    You would need a three phase motor to hook the vfd to, a single phase motor would not work.

    As far as DC, If you found the correct size and spec motor to fit, you can get a dc speed controller for 170

    I run my disc grinder/ buffer combo on the above controller and it works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Davis View Post
    hmmm....I am looking into this. I might call Kalamazoo direct, as they are almost local to me(40 min west) and see what their thought's are on this.
    That would be cool, thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by GLE1952 View Post
    If you are ok with a set lower speed, the 3.5" wheel compared to the 4" by my calculation of the circumference of the wheels, would reduce your speed from the rated 1800 SFPM to 1584 SFPM or a 12% reduction. (disclaimer: I'm Not a math major)LOL.

    I got the same math, I'd like to get it own to about 800 sfpm, but thank you for looking that up for me.

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    I use the lower model of that controller (the red one) with my craftsman buffer. It works pretty well.

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