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Thread: Anyone Grind their own burgers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    Nothing wrong with that. Not much different than eating a really, really rare steak. My father used to eat "cannibal" sandwiches when he was young - he would snitch freshly ground beef from what my grandmother was grinding, and put it between two slices of bread with a little salt and pepper.

    The problem with e coli occurs with commercially ground beef, primarily because of poor sanitation and a lack of inspection.
    It's not the E. Coli, it's the taste! Grocery store beef and Iron Kids bread?!

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    One of the first things I eat every time I go back to Germany is a fresh baked roll with raw ground pork, heartily seasoned with salt, pepper, sometimes a few oter things, and fresh raw onion rings. You get it in every butcher's shop or supermarket. A lightly perverted version actually is to putt a few slices of Velveeta cheese on it - the only time I ever touch that stuff.

    As for grinding the meet, I keep telling myself I should but never do even with the KA attachment somewhere in my kitchen cabinet. Cooking for myself most of the time, it seems too much work. So, what's better: Buying it fresh in the supermarket or grinding yourself and freezing it? Hand-chopping sounds like an interesting idea. I do that for tartare, never thought about it for 'ground' meet.


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    We grind our own trimmings and serve the best freaking sliders anywhere. And you can have them rare as you want.

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    Check out your local craigslist and ebay for grinders. Cabela's and Northern Tool have decent ones for the home @ under $100.

    Everyone has their "perfect blend" they swear by. Use chuck, sirloin and trimmings from better cuts including lamb to get around 20% fat gets excellent burgers.
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    I grind my own pork for sausages and beef for my burgers.

    I painstakingly hand cranked them before.

    my recent purchase of a food processor is a god send for grinding the meat.


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    Jared, you could have borrowed my KA attachments! I guess this means you're running out of ground beef from Key Packing, hunh?
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    I've got the meat Grinder & the Grain Mill for my KA. Have done the beef route several times, just remember. to save some trimmed fat to mix back in otherwise burgers will come out too dry. also do some home ground pork loin for Lumpia. For my bread, i use Hard Red Winter wheat from
    Bob's Red Mill web site

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    I do sometimes at home both beef and pork for chorizo. I have a stand alone unit and the KA grinder. I prefer the Kitchen Aid because it goes through the dishwasher better.


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    I grind my own and won't buy chop meat at the grocer ever again. Burgers, meat balls, force meats, sausage for stuffing, etc. Blind taste tests pick fresh ground over store bought every time. For a big batch of burgers I grind 3 parts chuck to 1 part sirloin depending on how fatty the chuck is. More sirloin if the chuck is well marbled. When I do tenderloin I save the trimmings for small batch burgers. Sometimes I grind venison and suet for burgers - delicious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eamon Burke View Post
    I've heard of great success blending meats for burgers, like Beef + Lamb.

    My family never bought ground beef when I was a mom would clean out the bulk of the meat in the grinder by grinding up bread. Then my brother would EAT IT. RAW BEEF AND WHITE BREAD.
    Beef + Pork is a good combination 90/10. And raw beef is mighty tasty...not sure about the white bread part though!
    (good to see you posting again Eamon!)

    Quote Originally Posted by cnochef View Post
    I assume y'all have good quality knives here, why don't you try hand-chopping your own beef rather than grinding it? I can pretty much guarantee you a tastier burger if you do.
    I've done that many many times...since I got a food processor though, I use that. cut into 1" cubes, pop in the freezer for 20 minutes, then pulse until roughly ground. Saves a lot of time...although I was "camping" in my RV this weekend and I don't have a FP in there, so I used the knife for it
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