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Thread: IP address of all mobile phones banned?

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    IP address of all mobile phones banned?

    Hi, I was trying to log in to view some recipes whilst at the supermarket, but both the GF's and my mobile phones reported that my IP address was banned. Is there a way to fix this?

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    Hmmm... I use an eBay chip and turned my iPhone into a go phone text and calls unlimited $2 on the days I use it. I use wifi for Internet on it. Saves me a ton of money. Otherwise I would test it for you. Definitely a moderator question. So many people using phones now seems odd if it wouldn't allow it. Good luck on this.

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    Working OK for me.

    Posted from my iPhone.

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    Tristan, send me your IP address in a PM

    I don;t know of any issues with mobile IP addresses but I'll look into it.

    Anyone else on mobile having problems logging on here?

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    I'm on my iPhone, works for me.

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    I access the site all the time with my phone.

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    I access the site all the time with my phone.

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    No problem on this iPhone.

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