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Thread: Static electricity

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    Mike, I have never been shocked using the O1 or A2 platen that comes from KMG. With the Pyroceram platen, another story. I have been told that is quite common and it is static electricity buildup from the platen, not bad wiring.

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    One of these and you'll be alright. I was having this issue a while ago and the strap took care of it. Just be mindful to keep it away from moving objects, but if you get it caught, the snap gives with little pressure.

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    The cloth backing on the belts i use create an insane amount static electricity on a ceramic platen. I should hopefully have my new platens soon and will not have to worry about it. I have had it shock me bad enough to pop a blue/white light like a welding arc and leave a small burn...Sucks lol

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