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Thread: Help me choose an LN Dewar.

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    Can you rent one? Just asking since my wife's office has one in the closet and it sure looks like a rental to me.


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    I like Wharton Taylor brand but they can be pricey if buying new. Both of mine have seen little use when I got them.

    One thing about buying used dewars, or dewars with a large neck opening is that they are not very efficient and LN will evaporate faster. I have one older Union Carbide dewar with 4.5" neck opening. It would be great for someone making cleavers (in fact, I am sending it to Devin), but I found it not very efficient retaining LN. 2.5" neck opening is much better.

    If you can get a dewar from US, who knows maybe somebody will take it back with them to England, this company has good product and prices

    You can get 22L dewar for a very attractive price


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    Quote Originally Posted by WillC View Post
    Ha ha, it looks a bit like a Dalek and it says "exterminate" then you pop you knives inside and it makes them very cold.

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    Not too many choices here, at least not online, maybe the Cattle people can help there are plenty around here. Would be great to get one in from the U.s. but I don't think you'd sneak it past customs
    I'll check out the rental prices to start me off, at least it would let me get the testing done.
    Thanks Guys,

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