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Thread: Bill Burke 240+ mm midtech prototype review 1.0

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    Some feedback and pics would make my day folks (and Bill )

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    Thinking back on this knife-
    I was skeptical of a couple things when I first saw it. One was the handle. But I was wrong. I really like the handle. Fit my hand really well. It was up there on my list of handles I have preferred. The other was the profile. It works great for rock cutting. I am mainly a push/pull cutter. It still worked great for that but I need to slightly alter my technique because of the raised tip. The raised tip was actually quite beneficial to tip work (which I do a lot of). The knife had the "right" level of thickness to thinness for me. I thought food release could of been a bit better was it was still great. Bill's steel is well, Bill's steel. It kicked but and really came back to a very high performing level with minimal maintenance. Very well finished knife. A couple little tweaks could of made the finish nicer, but I am nit picking here and most people know I have handled a lot of knives.

    The thing that I loved the most about this knife was the balance and overall feel. One of the most comfortable knives I have ever used, by a wide margin. The weight distribution. The handle. The overall weight in relation to force needed to cut products. Really quite nice.

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    I received this knife last week. It appears that Bill refinished, re-etched and added his maker's mark. Bill, please correct me, if I'm wrong. This is the knife in its current form. The actual color is a little more on the orange side than it appears on my screen. It is a very nice knife, IMO. Thank you, Bill.

    For the record, mattrud saw the knife after it had been modified by Bill.

    Hmm... These pics are supposed to be much larger. They seem to get shrunk automatically once I upload them. Is this supposed to happen? Now, I'm seeing that all of my pics were shrunk. They just shrink more now than they used to.
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    Thanks alot Matt.

    Yep Tihn you hit the nail on the head. Glad you like it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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