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The best value wine cabinets by far are the Vintage Keeper units. I bought a great used 220-bottle unit for $400 off Craigslist. You just have to make sure the unit was well-maintained and the compressor is good. It has performed admirably for the past 6 years.
I just got one of these new. They run about a grand, which seems to be about half the price of anything else of the same size. The downside is you have to assemble it yourself. But once it's all put together, it's great! Mine's pretty quiet, which is a plus. It's also in my basement, so I wouldn't really notice if it wasn't, but still.

They changed their branding to WineKoolr a couple of years ago.

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now, please correct me if I am wrong. But if your only concern is about the cork becoming dry why not just wax the top of the bottle beforehand? Does the wine need to be able to breathe through the cork?
That's something that is debated. Corks do let a small amount of air in over time, but whether that's beneficial or not isn't really known.