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Thread: Japanese (Or Any) Soft Poly Board?

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    Japanese (Or Any) Soft Poly Board?

    I read on here a while ago that poly boards that Japanese chefs use are much softer than ones found in the US.

    What kind are they, and how can I get such a contraption? As much as I like a biggo wood cutting board, sometimes for quick and lazy work I like a small cutting board to use with a beater knife. Plus, perhaps my mom could use one rather than her corian board...

    I was thinking about Sani Turf as well, but apparently they have a "sticky" feeling when drawing the knife across the surface. I'd also like to store a board vertically without concerns of warping.


    I found this one, is it what I'm looking for?

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    If you reach the age of 60 without becoming a curmudgeon, you haven't been paying attention.

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    JKI might have something like that, I think I saw them there the last time I was there.

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