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Thread: If you are looking for Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill..

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    I have two OXO locking tongs and love them. Both of mine have "nylon heads" (hard plastic), which supposedly makes safer to use on nonstick pots/pans. I use them all the time. I checked out some tongs by Rosle (far more expensive) and didn't like them nearly as much. Good tongs are invaluable.
    Yup, only benefit I can think of is if you are using a cooking surface you don't want to scratch (Le Creuset, nonstick, etc) and you want to be super careful. Both the stainless and nylon work well.

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    Hey, I've PMed Eamon (Burke Cutlery) for his spare Magnum. But if he already sold it on, or its inconvenient to ship it all the way to Singapore, would be happy to take a spare off another member's hands if paypal works for you and you're happy to help ship it to Singapore!

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    Now if anyone has a spare and would ship it to Australia, I'll gladly take it off you.

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    madmel & tristan I should be able to do it. pm me please so we can discuss it

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    Yeah, already unloaded mine. Sorry fellas.

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    biggest issue is that shipping outside usa/canada with tracking will likely cost more than the actual pepper mill. crazy

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    This seems like a really good deal.

    I have been looking at getting a pepper mill and have read about this one being the best. How do the Vic Firth ones compare? (they have them at the local grocery store).

    I have also been looking to get an egg poacher. Trying to decide between the Demeyere Resto (same price as other places) and the Norpro Krona (a little more expensive). Leaning towards the Norpro since it is fully stainless steel, although it looks like I might be able to take the nonstick insert out and just use the stainless cup.

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    If anyone would like a mill, shoot me a PM. I have one and I'm keeping the other for myself.

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    There was a previous thread re. pepper mills that influenced me to buy a Unicorn Magnum pepper mill and then a sampler pack of peppercorns from Pepper Passion – really enjoy using the Magnum mill and the tasting the variety of peppers.
    However, when my son and daughter came home for the holidays they were concerned seeing 7 packs of peppercorns. They know their dad accumulates stuff but thought this may be different.

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    mine 4 due in tomorrow. other 3 are spoken for, so once I get them, weight/pack them, I can pm you the quotes and we can proceed from them


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