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Thread: Most portable and convenient food?

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    Most portable and convenient food?

    I'm at school for 12 hours a day, but I am not buying outside meals every day.

    I do bring sandwiches, rice/meat in containers, etc. It takes a while to prep those in the morning though, at least for slow hand me. I'm going to start bring some tamales too, because I can just keep them frozen in my backpack and microwave them whenever I eat - extremely convenient for me, because I don't have to limit myself to the fridge at school. However, tamales are not very filling and not that cheap.

    What other stuff can I bring that's convenient like a tamale?

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    Slim Jims.


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    Can't you make soup and bring some in a thermos? Or hummus and some bread? Stew? Dahl and rice? That's what I'd do.

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    cheese, salami and crackers/bread.

    +1 on the thermos + soup idea.

    Salad is easy too. make your own dressing and put in a small tupperware container with an agitator (e.g. SS marbles) to remix.

    There are a lot of asian noodle dishes made for eating at room temp.
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    Pasties, jamaican meat pies, empanadas---variations on a theme that can be made ahead & frozen, but will give you a little variety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post

    I'm pretty sure spam musubi got my neighbor through college. Hawaiian thing, yea?

    For me it was curry and fried rice. I packed curry in small tupperwares, froze it and microwaved it when I needed food... and I made fried rice out of anything and everything. If I had a tiny bit of curry left, I made fried rice out of that too. LOL

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    Yes! Is that Spam Musabi? I haven't had that since the last time I was in Hana.
    Spam Musabi is the Hawaiian equivalent of gas station hot dogs.
    I actually like it.
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    Yep, spam musubi is still very popular out here. You find it at gas stations but also in many kids' lunch boxes.


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    Lol, this brings back memories...tuna in a can, protein shakes and cup o soup (usually with a no doz or vivarin in the mix)

    That and get hooked up with a lab on campus the has a fridge and a microwave, then the sky is the limit.

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