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Thread: Gesshin Stone Videos

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    Gesshin Stone Videos

    Yesterday, we filmed a bunch of videos featuring our new gesshin stones. Since its difficult for people to feel stones for themselves when shopping online, we shot these videos. They give you a chance to see how a stone cuts, what it sounds like, and what kind of finish it leaves. Hope you enjoy them:

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    Yes. You do. A very nice alternative.

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    Now I can't wait for my Beston to wear out. The 400 looks amazing.

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    That 20k looks FANTASTIC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    That 20k looks FANTASTIC!
    It is. Definitely my favorite stone

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    how does the 5k compare to 5 SS in terms of feel a and speed?
    I have only 5k ss to compare to.

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    I just went to test them side by side again to make sure my impression was fresh in my mind. Here are my thoughts on them:
    -the gesshin is slightly harder than the super stone (but by no means a hard stone)
    -the gesshin is slightly bigger in both surface area and height than the super stone
    -the super stone dishes more quickly than the gesshin
    -the super stone leaves a brighter mirror finish than the gesshin
    -the gesshin leaves a better edge feel than the super stone (very fine, yet with a nice bit of bite to it)
    -the gesshin cuts slightly faster than the super stone
    -the super stone tends to glaze/load up more than the gesshin
    -the super stone works up more mud than the gesshin (though i use a diamond nagura on both, so it kind of evens it out, but the super stone works up more mud on its own)
    -the gesshin has better feedback and sensation than the super stone (the gesshin feels like its gripping the steel more than the super stone too)
    -i have an easier time jumping from the gesshin to higher grits than i do from the super stone (though i will say the super stone is not bad in this area at all)

    honestly, the 5k super stone is a good stone, i just happen to like this one better personally. I also like how it fits in with the other stones in the gesshin series... i picked stones that worked well together intentionally.

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    so do you think that the gesshin stones could be perma-soakers?

    i only ask because the stones that i use seem to work better if they have been in water a few days rather than like 30 mins. it may just be a personal thing on whether to soak bester/beston stones permanently but i found i get better performance.

    what would be the pros/cons on perma soaking vs 15-30 min soaks

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    The 400 & 2000 can live in water...mine do. I just say 30 minutes so people will give them a decent soak before using...but they are ok to live in water...the others are not, though they do benefit from a 2-3 minute soak

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