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Thread: Any Interest for Oval or Octagonal Handles for Cleaver?

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    Any Interest for Oval or Octagonal Handles for Cleaver?

    I have a few pieces of cow horn that I got from a vendor in Europe. The length 1" is a bit short for my knife handles and quality is lower than I would like for premium handles, however it is still a pretty decent quality horn that is hard to get and will be priced accordingly (moderately).

    So, I have been thinking what to do with it. The length and diameter makes it suitable for cleaver handles.

    Is there an interest for these? If I make them, they would have to be same size, self-installed or sent to Dave for installation.

    I have about 15 pieces of 1x1.5"(diameter) cow horn.


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    Looking for two unique handles for my two cleavers, pics?

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