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Thread: Coconut Curry Seafood

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    Coconut Curry Seafood

    I had the opportunity to attend a Jamaican cooking class recently, where the chef made coconut curry seafood. I am not crazy about coconut as an ingredient, and don't always like curry. Surprisingly, this dish was delicious without having a strong coconut or curry flavor. I made it last night at home and loved it. You will be surprised how good it is, and how little it tastes like it sounds. It needs a splash of water to loosen periodically during cooking. Jamaican curry is required, as is unsweetened coconut milk.

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    I grow scotch bonnets every summer and love seafood. Thanks for the recipe.

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    A lot of the curry from the coastal areas of Southeast Asia has a coconut milk base and it is some yummy stuff. And you are right. I don't necessarily taste a strong coconut flavor in them.

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